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Correspondence column for the IEEJ
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Transactions A (Fundamentals and Materials)
(Common Interests)
Education and Research
Electromagnetic Theory
Electromagnetic Environment
Instrument and Measurement
Light Applications and Visual Science
History of Electrical Engineering
Discharges and Plasma
Pulsed Power
Dielectric Materials
Electrical, Electronics, and Insulating Materials
Metals and Ceramics
Transactions B (Power and Energy)
(Power System)
Power System Planning and Operation
Power System Control
Power System Analysis and Simulation
Power System Protection
Power System monitoring and Control
Energy System
(Energy Conversion and Transmission)
Transmission and Distribution Lines and Cables
Transmission and Distribution Apparatus, Insulators
Switchgear and Protective Devices, Lightning Protection, Arc Phenomena
Substation Apparatus and Devices
Superconducting Devices
High Voltage, Lightning and Surge
Energy Conversion and Storage
Other Power System Apparatus
Transactions C (Electronics, Information and Systems)
Electronic Materials and Devices
Optics, Quantum Electronics
Electrical and Electronic Circuit, LSI
Information and Communication Technology
Biomedical Engineering
(Information and Systems Engineering )
Systems, Instrument, Control Intelligence, Robotics
Media Information, User Interface
Speech and Image Processing, Recognition
Softcomputing, Learning
Information System, Electronic Commerce
Information Processing, Software
Energy, Environment and Sustainability
Transactions D (Industry Applications)
(Power Electronics)
Power Semiconductor Devices and their Application
Power Converter and Control Circuit Topology
Power Supply
Electric Machine Control
Reactive Power Compensation and Harmonic Reduction
Metal and General Industry
(Industrial System)
Industrial Instrument and Control
Production Facility Control
Information Oriented Industrial System
(Electrical Machinery and Apparatus)
Public Facilities
Automobile Technology
ITS Technology
Rotating Machine
Rotating Machine Characteristic
Linear Drives
Magnetic Levitation and Magnetic Bearing
Static Apparatus
Superconductive Application
Electric Railway
Transactions E (Sensors and Micromachines)
(Fundamental Technology)
Design, Analysis, Simulation
Material and device characterization
Packaging and assembling
Optical microsystem
Power MEMS
New terrain in microsystem
(Sensor system)
Sensing system
Sensing algorism
Sensor network
Sensor application
(Physical sensor)
Mechanical sensor
Temperature and humidity sensor
Light, radiation sensor
Electrical, Magnetic sensor
Resonant sensor
Sensor using new theory or method
(Chemical sensor)
Gas sensor
Ion sensor
Bio sensor
Biomimetic sensor
Micro-chemical sensor
Chemical sensor system
Micro healthcare system

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